Age rating: Everyone
Two children discover a magic bell and dangerous adventure on a mysterious island.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Jewel Adams and Jason Henderson never imagined a shared family vacation like this. Forced to stop by a forest at nightfall, their parents patiently prepare supper while the children wander off to play. Finding an old wooden box with a small blue bell inside, Jason uses half an incantation to summon a wonderful traveling cloak. But, when the children step onto its surface, they are whisked to a strange island filled with curious creatures who fear a dark enchantress queen. Banding together with other island inhabitants, they learn the value of personal courage and conviction in the face of insurmountable fear. A satisfying adventure/fantasy for the entire family. Available in ebook format on Kindle and Nook. This and other video projects can be viewed at: Ring the bell. Call the cloak. Travel now in the first adventure to the strange Land of Remote.

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