Creator: Catherine Myrick
Age rating: Everyone
The Cup and Two Witnesses - Catherine Myrick
Two estranged relatives become involved in a clandestine operation called 'Evil Star' when one suspects the other of having stolen a biblical heirloom rival twins Jacob and Esau exchanged to reconciled their differences.
Jacob and Esau:
The Cup and Two Witnesses
Written by, Catherine Myrick

There is a long narration of antagonism between the descendants of Jacob and of Esau throughout Old Testament history. An ancient tradition once called for the eldest son, born into a family to receive a divine inheritance by birthright; but only through divine intervention brings the exception to the rule. Historically, such is the case between Jacob and Esau, twin grandsons of the patriarch Abraham, who was called of God.

Twice Jacob acquired from Esau what by rights should have belonged to him as the older twin, who sold his birthright (the preferred share of the inheritance) shamefully for a “bowl of pottage” while Jacob obtained the blessings of the firstborn by ruse, devised by their mother Rebekah (Gen. 25:29-34). Fearing Esau's vengeance, Rebekah persuaded Isaac her husband to send Jacob away to Mesopotamia; Jacob left his home with nothing but a staff in his hand (Gen. 32:10).

Jacob went on his way, and after years later and on the night before the reconciling of the two brothers, Angels of God met him, and when Jacob saw them , , ,


After centuries of regarding ‘The Cup’ to be sufficient and a worthy bequest to amend and remove an historical blemish from family roots and establish a common heritage to their religious intolerances down through time, two men within this historical bloodline, must reunite on common ground, as their ancestors, Jacob and Esau had done centuries before. During what appears to develop into a trusting business relationship, one relative’s underlying motive is to recover possession of the priceless heirloom “The Cup” after it was stolen. The other, uses the skills of his undisclosed relative to hide undisclosed shipping agreements by sophisticated encryption.

The two estranged relatives are at opposite ends of the biblical family tree; one surprisingly transports illegal nuclear weaponry from the West, shipped to the Middle East, while operating a legitimate international shipping conglomerate. The other having ulterior motives, works his way into the ‘family’ business as a shipping and trade contract negotiator, hoping to locate his valuable stolen heirloom. The shipping magnate literally gives no concern to his heritage or historical ties, but is as shrewd as his ancestor, JACOB, and as a shrewd businessman, his only concern is just how well he wheels-and-deals on the international scene. Although his business dealings are a bit undesirable, his character is refined and connected as a middle-eastern descendant.

Thinking his blood relative has stolen ‘The Cup’ the equally refined but morally open covert, works his way into a working business relationship with the unsuspecting relative to gain any information available to the whereabouts of the priceless ‘Cup’ to retrieve and restore the honor of his inheritance which was taken by ruse from ESAU, and possibly regain the bloodline’s respect once again. On the other hand, within William’s unsavory trade agreements to the ‘homeland’ and other international trade magnates, our covert uncovers a possible destructive plot by those involved. Suspicions of a wide-scale threat and the people who sought to bring this about, the calculating businessman delays delivery at the Coast of Cyprus Island to what he suspects to be massive nuclear or biological materials--deadly enough to bring down the entire population on the Mediterranean seaboard.

Growing impatient waiting for the promised delivery, clients threaten the life of the transporter; so with everything at stake, reluctantly settles to release the flag ship before it’s boarded and/or overtaken by piracy. A mutual yet undisclosed friend of the transporter, uses her diplomatic ties to the U.N. and meets with the middle-eastern clientele to extinguish any resentment over the delayed cargo and discovers her military father is somehow connected.

Keeping the middle-eastern clients from getting their hands on the destructive cargo and murdering the transporter at the same time is an attempt to keep their plans from exposure Two Witnesses intervene in this momentous secretive situation and reveal a deadly connection to known persons who’ve been turning up murdered. The Two Witnesses know where the ancient possession is; who stole it and why, as well as who the key players are in this cat and mouse, wage of war scenario. They are to reveal the plot sanctioned against the governments of Egypt and other foreign governments, of which ties are now sensitive and stretched due to other pending international matters which makes the immediate situation most urgent.

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