2013 And Beyond

Creator: Steamy Raimon
Age rating: 17 and older
It is after 2012. Doomsday came and went. That’s right. We didn’t survive. Well, a few did, but not really. With Earth left behind, what lies beyond?
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: When the world ends, connections to the past are broken and the future is questionable. People are stripped of everything they were and separated from all they loved. A seemingly ordinary and diverse group of strangers sets out on an odyssey to find out why they’ve undergone such extreme changes. They learn the very fabric of existence is at threat by an ancient and seething evil. Recharged and armed with a better understanding of their true selves, the group undertakes a challenge to thwart an impending doom. Along the way, they overcome extraordinary challenges and try and recapture the promise of a full and happy life. How will they do it? How will they fulfill their destinies? The answer is they need to become more than human.

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