Retail World

Creator: David Boyer
Age rating: 17 and older
Becky sees monsters whenever she goes into a retail store. She thinks she's crazy until she meets a man named Darren who tells her that it is all true and needs her help in order to stop evil taking over the world.
Synopsis: Darren is having a bad day. His parents are getting divorced, the girl he has a crush on is dating his asshole boss, he's been working at the same job for way too long without advancement and to top it all off, he is one of seven employees forced to participate in Retail World, a game in which retail employees have to keep their customers that they are chained to alive as they make their way through the maze.

The main villain is Perfect, who lives up to his name and controls Retail World.

Darren is chained to Enrique, a Mexican man who is desperately trying to find his daughter Rosa who is chained to Becky, who Darren has a crush on.

Darren finds that strangely enough he is better at playing the game of Retail World than his regular job and when he is the only one left to face Perfect, he has to find the strength to face this near unstoppable foe.

He barely manages a win and for his reward Darren has Perfect erase the game, sending everybody back to the real world with no memory of Retail World but Darren chooses to stay in Retail World.

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