Creator: David Jack Smith
Age rating: 17 and older
Rosemary's Baby meets Scream via Supernatural... brilliant, yet gorgeous, scientist-babe (what are the odds?) haunted by the childhood horror of her father's betrayal of her mother, fights for her life and soul by outwitting a powerful Cult-Med occultist out to destroy her.
Synopsis: Rosemary's Baby meets Scream via Sam and Dean's Supernatural...

GRACE SARNOFF is a brilliant, yet gorgeous (what are the odds?) scientist-babe, haunted by demons from a troubled childhood.

Now she must fight for her life, sanity and soul against DOMINICK CHALDAEA: a powerful leader of a devil worshipping CULT-MED whose members effortlessly succeed in life, career and wealth.

Everything that Grace believes as a rational scientist comes under relentless assault. Not only must she fight forces beyond her control; she must also confront the ultimate horror buried near the surface of her troubled past: a father’s betrayal of his daughter and her mother.

Only one thing can save Grace. And it is in the seemingly impregnable possession of Chaldaea.

Grace hooks up with BENJAMIN ZABEL a renowned Oxford/Harvard scholar of ancient languages and the occult; his hottie young actress niece NATALIE; and LUCINDA GREEN, an aggressively ambitious TV newswoman...

It's a race against time to save Grace’s life by locating and stealing Chaldaea's ancient book of Magicks: Demonica Gehenna Pragmato.

At which point... hell is coming, and it's coming for Grace.

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