The Alien Ambassador

Creator: Christopher Love
Age rating: Everyone
Fourteen year old, Nate Turner never would have guessed that , Mr. Stone, a substitute science teacher is actually an alien. Nathan is caught in the middle of an intergalactic feud to destroy the Earth's sun. Earth's only hope is that he becomes the Alien Ambassador.
Synopsis: Mr Stone, a substitute science teacher, is reflecting on how he came to Earth hoping to stop Earth from being colonized by a warlike galactic armada. He has been trapped on Earth for over fifty years. He has been waiting for Earth techonology to become advance enough in order to adapt it to his alien technology. He has been working on a formula in order to make all tech work together.

Enter Nathan Turner, at twelve year old, who always stays in trouble. He is sent to afterschool detention for fighting. There he meets Mr. Stone as he is assigned as a detention monitor. All of a sudden, a alien female blast her way into the classroom. She is an alien who is marooned on earth as well and she needs the Power Bolt that Mr. Stone possesses in order to leave Earth.

For Nathan's protection, Mr. Stone takes him to his planeterium. He remodeled it and made it his home away from home. It possesses all the alien techonology that survived the crash. Nathan figures out the formula that will activate the Power Bolt and power an alien craft. There destination is beyond Pluto to an relay space station that is used as an homing beacon in order for the alien armada to find Earth. But the dangerous alien female and the defenses of the space station impede Mr. Stone and Nathan from destroyin it.

Nathan is forced to don the guise of The Alien Ambassador and use his new found alien super powers and the Power Bolt to destroy the space station and keep Earth from being discovered.

But he learns that once he dons the guise of The Alien Ambassador, he is in an adventure of a lifetime.

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