The Fear Of Green

Creator: Jon Reedholm
Age rating: 17 and older
Analyst Erica Warren faces physical and emotional challenges as she helps hunt down an eco-terrorist group trying to wipeout the world’s oil reserves.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Erica Warren normally monitors underground nuclear explosions from the safety of a suburban D.C. government office. To Erica, martial arts classes are just a fun way for a young professional to stay in shape.

Erica's low-stress life shifts into high gear when Henri Lázár, an eco-terrorist bent on revenge for his family’s death, detonates a nuclear bomb deep inside a Saudi oil well. It is just his first step towards wiping out the world's oil reserves.

As world oil prices skyrocket and nations start to panic, Erica is tasked with predicting Henri’s remaining targets and directing a Navy SEAL team to stop him. Overcoming self-doubts and going on instinct as well as her analytical skills, Erica and her colleagues engage in several just misses and face-to-face battles.

In the end, Erica is the only one left to stop Henri before he completes his ultimate goal—detonate a nuclear bomb in a Canadian natural gas reserve and melt the Artic icecap. Suddenly a young woman who's always relied on brains must transform herself into a warrior in order to stave off global catastrophe.

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