Creator: Leigh Stimolo
Age rating: 17 and older
When a driven and disconnected Harvard scientist, Rachel Lee, closes in on human immortality, labs blow up and friends disappear. Now she must fight for her life to save the world from her discovery.
Synopsis: Interference is a story about Dr. Rachel Lee, a driven scientist who watches her twin brother die in front of her at the age of eight. She lost her faith and decides that "there will be a god when humans find immortality and become god". And that is her life's mission. As Rachel gets closer to finding immortality in humans, her life becomes more endangered. A fellow scientists is murdered and his lab is blown up. Rachel must go in hiding with a few trusted friends/scientists and race against the clock and the bounty on her head to survive. There are two love interests, the good guy and the bad guy. She must figure out which is which. She eventually is captured by public enemy number one, chameleon, John Phixor, and must use her brains and feminine whiles to escape him. There are intense fight scenes, creepy religious undertones, murder and mayhem. Can Rachel live long enough to be the next coming of Christ? And can she handle the ramifications if she does?

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Leigh's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Interference has evolved over the past few years, rewrite after rewrite. The idea came to me after I read an article in Harvard Magazine about a scientific break through in worms that could change the future and the longevity of human life. Truth IS stranger than fiction. In my research, I found "deathists", death gives life meaning, a federal bioethics committee, & immortalists actually exist.