The Dock Stranger "Lethal Occurences"

Creator: Jeffery Bonds
Genres: Drama, Horror
Age rating: Everyone
Tina McPherson must over come and obstacle that she had never faced before. She must man handle a vicious murderer.
Synopsis: Tina McPherson is like a ship set for sail the evening she arrives at work. She know that her day is going to go well and she knows that nothing could stop her. That's until she hear a voice that says, "Please don't shot. If it's money that you want I got it for here take my wallet. The big black fellow as Tina cracks the door tells Salton White that he's going to take his money and life. Then he fires the gun five times as he falls to the floor. For the first time in her life Tina has just witnessed a murder. She prays silently for herself as she gently closes the door and began to weep with mournful tears.

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  • Video 2 - There has been another murder.
    Creative Notes:
    Lt. Kimberly Hays must rescue Tina and bring her back to safety. Tina is stuck and must face being a witness of a murder and face the murderer head on for her life.
  • Video 1 - What have we here?
    Creative Notes:
    Lt. Kimberly Hays is much to much for an idiot. The murderer has struck again. She had a plan though she did extra training which would put that sucker right at her finger tips and then...