The Work of Art

Creator: Jeffrey A. Krell
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
Screwball romantic comedy in which Art, a graduate student, falls for his female professor of art history. To impress her, he volunteers to authenticate a painting that just might be a lost masterpiece. As soon as he takes possession of the painting, it disappears.
Synopsis: THE WORK OF ART unfolds at a small, Northeastern liberal arts college -- but don’t let the idyllic setting fool you. Behind those ivy-covered walls, Hemlock College is a hotbed of professional rivalries, personal disgrace, and sexual dysfunction.

Enter Art Bradshaw, student of art history, who falls for Dr. Marie Guenevere, professor of romantic art. To impress her, he takes on the challenge of authenticating a painting that just might be a lost masterpiece. No sooner does he take possession of the painting when it disappears.

Who has the painting? Why did they take it? Is it authentic? Is anything authentic at Hemlock? The answers are closer than they appear -- if you know where to look.

This story will appeal to anyone who’s ever been to college and anyone who’s in the mood for a smart romantic comedy. And because of its isolated setting, it can be filmed on a moderate budget.

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