" Meet you half way"

Creator: SImona Dimova
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
This is the story of a young girl, who leaves her home town and takes a journey to find herself. She goes through some very hard times, but at the end she finds more than she expected.
Synopsis: It is a lovely story about a girl named Monna, who suffers from broken heart, she thinks she lost the love of her life, she is unhappy and decides to take a major step in her life, she wants to start over her life and become the person she used to be. She leaves California and moves to Boston to find herself. She faces a lot of obstacles. She has no friends, no money and no place to go. But she is brave enough and risk it all to complete the purpose of her life. In Boston, she meets Tanya, who helps her dealing with the difficulties. Monna meets the love in the face of Matthew, who saves her from a thief during a birthday party. Monna takes the longest journey of her life, the 18 inches from her heart to her head.

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