Ardor The Good Samaritan ( Kinda ;-)

Age rating: 17 and older
A woman decides to feed her serial killer hunger pain on the rough streets of Chicago. Ardor has a hunger inside of her for thugs and corrupt individuals. Using her womanly charm and her skills Ardor finds out disposing of a body is easy with enough hungry cats.
Synopsis: Tonight its going downnnnn! I am cruising through beautiful Roseland Chicago with my top down and windows up. The hundreds are my life. And tonight I’m hunting. GOD I love being a woman!! In truth I always hated being a woman until a few years ago when I found my passion in this life. My womanly charms and curves let me get any man I want and tonight I want a thug!!! . That’s right I want someone with sagging pants and who will turn up dead or in jail in a few years anyways. What I like to call an easy kill.

I’ve always had an appetite for thugs since my first boyfriend tried to pimp me out and maybe even before. I mean every time he hit and punched me my hunger just grew. Now they are all I want all the time.

Ah there we go exactly what I want. No other homeboys in sight Just him. What a turn on him being out here all by himself no crew he thinks he is a Boss.

Step one- turn on the charm…

I bite my lower lip and say Get in I was heading home anyways, I live up north that cool? I’ll drop you off in the morning if you make me scream right. If not you just get bus fare! He is so focused on my breast that you can see he wishes my car was a damn spaceship and I could just beam us to my house. That look right there
means he has no idea he is about to die!

We open my room door and we fall on the king size bed. All black sheets cover the bed and black pillowcases make it almost disappear when the lights are off. As soon as he hits the pillow he is knocked out. Gotta luv a good poison mix.

I handcuff him to the bed facing up. Let me check what you like to do, I pull out my phone and pull up a file Cat sent earlier. Craig has three priors for domestic violence and was arrested for robbing a liquor store and is an active member of a local street gang.

Awake yet? I say as I sit next to his head on the bed. After a while I reach over and make his throat smile. I told you I was going to punish you You Fucking 3! I whisper in his ear while he makes gagging noises. I watch him wrestle a little then give up and go limp. Yay! Clean up time.

Yay! Clean up time - I actually enjoy this part the best because I am able to truly relish in what just happened. Clean up time can only come after a good kill. I walk to the bed and look at Craig who now has a smile on his neck from one side of his ear to the other.

I luvvv my cats. I started collecting these strays maybe 5 years ago and I have over 50 cats in my home. Every cat has a name and Yes I take pictures of each one every week to compare past weights. Did you know an average tiger can consume 88 pounds of meat in one sitting? With a little coaching and training each of my cats can eat 5 pounds of meat a day. Ten or more if they are really hungry.

Craig was just over a hundred pounds but boy was he a bleeder. Usually skinny guys just bleed a little and save the rest to moisten the sausages but nooooo. This selfish number 3 had to bleed all the way out so now I have to deny my beautiful cats that great blood flavor and add olive oil to it like they won’t Fucking notice.

Sorry I am attempting to curse less now days. Anyways selfish skinny bleeding jerk left me with less blood than I thought I would have.

I walk to my cat’s room and they can smell it already. All of them start jumping up into their cages without me asking. I give each one a pat on the head and two links as I shut their cages.

I hear glass shatter downstairs and I instantly know someone is in my house. I grab Ol Rusty( my trustworthy straight razor which ironically doesn’t have a lick of rust on it) and think to myself my cats might get fed again tonight.

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