That's You

Creator: Byron Washington
Age rating: Everyone
The Story plays out as a reveal shot , that initially shows side shot of a male, as the camera zooms out it reveals who the male is facing, which is a woman. As the story goes on more is revealed and the scene eventually displays the woman catching the male cheating.
Synopsis: This is a music video that will be filmed as a reveling still shot. The camera will start at the initial side shot of a man and slowly reveal the man facing a woman. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal clues of the situation the man and woman are in. Clues will be displayed such as kiss marks and scratches on the mans neck and back and accessories the woman is wearing. The camera will display different shots, to show emotions in the faces of the characters and will continue to zoom out to reveal the setting they are in. The camera will continue to zoom out until it can be seen that the woman, the male character is facing , is a flight attendant that has come home from travel to find her boyfriend cheating with 2 women in their bedroom. In the final shot the woman will be holding a gun,while the the 2 women in the bed look in terror of the situation they all are in.

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