Creator: randy j white
Age rating: 17 and older
An British, ex-Special Forces commando visiting his family runs afoul of an oyster magnate and his sons smuggling drugs into their coastal community.
Synopsis: Preston Rigid is an ex-British Special Forces commando. He sails into the coastal town of Oyster Bay. His family- Flag, his father who is handicapped , his sister Maggie, who’s recently divorced and her ten year old son Billy, all share a house. Rigid notices a thriving oyster factory on the pier. Inside a pier side pub he runs afoul of Larry McCalister, the son of the oyster magnate Titus McCalister, who seems to run the town. Rigid beats Larry within an inch of his life, setting up a bitter rivalry.

Rigid settles in for his visit with his family. When they go into town Maggie introduces him to a single woman Becca Andrews whom she feels would be a good match for her brother. Becca is Titus McCallister’s personal assistant. Titus’ headquarters are being transformed into the site of jewelry show being held that weekend. Rigid is introduced to Titus McCalister, a self made millionaire, who sees himself as savior of the town. Rigid also meets Oyster Bay’s woman sheriff, Pamela Right, a steroid shooting body builder who wants to fight with men to show she’s superior to them.

Rigid goes sightseeing in Oyster Bay. He walks through the oyster packing plant and sees something out of place. Part of the floor is hidden with a ceiling length canvas curtain. When no one is looking Rigid pulls back the edge to see what is behind it. Rigid uncovers another method of packaging oysters. Rigid suspects that this is a means to smuggle something out of the plant.

Rigid’s suspicions lead to himself and his family being targeted by the McCallisters. When people begin dying, Rigid goes into soldier mode. He battles Titus and his sons revealing a criminal conspiracy that has been occurring under the normalcy of the seemingly quiet seaport community.

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