Creator: Anna Filippova
Age rating: Everyone
ROOM DIVIDED IN TWO is a psychological detective drama with the elements of black comedy.
Synopsis: ROOM DIVIDED IN TWO is a psychological detective drama with the elements of black comedy. JASMINE HOGGARTH is a poor 25 year old girl from Dallas. He’s lived her whole life in a small house, taking care if her insane brothers, her father FREDDY and watching love affairs of her mother MELINDA, a woman of easy virtue.
Jasmine has a boyfriend, EVAN, living with his eccentric old father and having a very rude sister CINDY.
Jasmine and Evan promised each other to start a great business, get out of misery and change their life.
Jasmine is a talented photographer. Evan has the gift of writing advertising texts. He’s a public relations expert.
One day Jasmine’s house burns down. Her mother dies. Jasmine is sure it was an intentional murder and she conjectures who committed the arson. She thinks the arson was committed by her mother’s lover, a very cruel man who wanted Melinda to desert her family.
So Jasmine decides to make her investigation. She’s resolute, smart and strong. First of all she conducts a search of the remains of the burnt house and finds there a CD box with the inscription “FOR MELINDA”. She listens to it. It turns out to be a message left for Melinda by her supposed killer. What Jasmine hears confirms her supposition. She’s angry. She’s ready to kill the killer of her mother. She knows her lover lives in Cheyenne. So she goes there with her boyfriend who wants to support her.
Before departure she decides to say goodbye to her father who now leaves in a small trailer. She finds him dead. He committed suicide.
Jasmine and Evan come to Wyoming. The same day Evan goes back to Texas as, according to Cindy, his father feels unwell. Jasmine’s angry with him. She’s sure it’s a practical joke of his sister.
When she stays alone she meets a mystical woman, a carbon copy of her mother. She’s shocked. She tries to speak to MELINDA’S TWIN but she keeps silence.
Next day Evan comes back. He says he’d really been tricked.
Meanwhile Jasmine meets Melinda’s twin again. She talks to her and she gives Jasmine Melinda’s photo.
Then Jasmine meets a man AIDEN who asks her to take pictures of his house. She falls in love with him.
They have intimacy.
Next day Melinda’s twin asks Jasmine to take pictures of her flat. Jasmine doesn’t know what to think.
Soon Melinda’s twin tells Jasmine something terrible concerning her mother.
The same day she comes to Aiden’s house and sees a note: SEE YOU IN TEXAS. Jasmine tells Evan they’re going back. Evan is astonished but he doesn’t argue about it.
Jasmine and Evan come back to Texas. Evan tells Jasmine he’s written a business plan and they can start a great business. Jasmine’s very happy. She hopes to forget about her mother and her sudden death and to start a new life. She addresses the business plan to an investor. She corresponds with him. And at last she comes to his office and sees there … Aiden.
So she’s perplexed. She’s sure Aiden set up their meeting and knows who killed her mother for sure.
When she finds out the truth she thinks it would have been better if she had never tried to find the killer of her mother.

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