Such and Such

Creator: Marko Vignjevic
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Four best friends are estranged from each other once they've grown up and, without knowing it, move into Cameo Street continuing to lead separate lives regardless of the fact that their girlfriends and the two main characters meet in the end.
Synopsis: In the beginning, Archibald, Solly, Yarmelan and Arnest are the best of friends with a seemingly unbreakable bond between them which manifests itself through the game of marbles.

However this is where their friendship ends once we cut to each of their adult lives which continue in Cameo Street. This is also the place where all four of them move and live with their girlfriends unaware of one another which is why the story is presented in four separate tales.

Although everything revolves around their individual lives, Cameo Street itself plays a crucial role as a new backdrop against which all the action is set. This includes everything from a shootout between two cops and two gangsters in front of Le Goog restaurant to Solly's making love to his girlfriend, making it both about the four main characters and about their new neighborhood.

In the end Archibald decides to through away the bag of marbles he kept since childhood. He sees a few kids playing with marbles when one of their marbles accidentally falls down the gutter. Archibald gives his bag to one girl in their group when suddenly Arnest passes by and the two long lost friends exchange a few words not recognizing each other.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Marko's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Began the story by writing about the four friends' childhood but turned it into a 'will they or won't they meet'.