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Creator: Jamie R VanDoren
Age rating: Everyone
This is a short PSA to reduce epilepsy stigma.
Synopsis: A PSA to reduce epilepsy stigma.

A gorup of friends get on the subway and note a PSA ad about epilepsy stigma/first aid. A couple of the fiends make fun of it, and are "scold" by another friend. One of the women in the group gets off at her stop, and as she walks through the neighborhood she sees different people and the audience gets messages about epilepsy. Once she's home she looks in the mirror and we find that she has epilepsy, but has been afraid to tell her frineds. he friends show up and they embrace. At the end we see them all in a park and a message comes on screen saying they've overcome fear and stigma.

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    Creative Notes:
    We see friends reacting to a "typical" PSA ad about epilepsy. A couple make fun of the PSA, not knowing one of their friends has epilepsy. We watch as she heads home, and encounters people, with messages about epilepsy. Finally, at home, we see she's afraid to reveal her own struggle with epilepsy. Her friends appear and they embrace, and we receive a positive message about overcoming stigma.