Sea Foam

Creator: Natalie Penna
Age rating: Everyone
Lana is a competitive swimmer with a bright future. One that is being forced upon her by her overbearing mother. After an accident leaves her mute and afraid of the water, Lana is sent away to recover. There she meets Zeke, a surfer who may be key to unlocking her heart.
Synopsis: After coming second in a swimming contest, Lana is forced to practice hard by her mother Diana. The resulting physical and mental exhaustion Lana feels leads to her near-drowning in the pool, an incident which sparks a fear of the water and the loss of her voice.
Unable to handle her traumatised daughter who now converses with people inside her head, Diana sends Lana away to her sister Sara and her husband Glen to recover. Cruelly, they live by the sea in a cliff top cottage.
Happy to have Lana with them, Sara and Glen encourage Lana to enjoy her summer by the sea. She is rarely seen without her father's leather jacket on, despite the heat. She meets Stuart, a boy she used to know from her childhood visits who works in Sara's bakery, and Zeke, a surfer who is grandson to Joe who runs a beach side cafe.
Both Stuart and Zeke have lingering feelings for Lana who was their shared childhood friend. She has no memory of either boy, and finds them both irksome at first. Stuart is immediately aware of Lana's condition, but it is hidden from Zeke until an incident at the cafe. When Lana spills a drink on Jim, a violent young man holidaying in the area with friends, she is unable to apologise to him. Although Zeke covers for her, he is furious that she couldn't manage a simple task. Lana leaves, hurt that he could be so insensitive.
Naturally, Zeke apologises the following day after being clued in on the situation. He offers to teach Lana to surf to make up for it, but she refuses, unable to face the water. Instead he suggests they spend time together.
Lana meets Zeke's friends who crash their 'date' at the cafe. Zeke sends them all on their way so he can start work, and Lana bonds with Poppy, the only other girl in the group. When Stuart arrives to speak with Lana she's led away from them. He attempts to poison Lana against Zeke with rumours, a plan which is impeded by the disappearance of some children from the beach. While Stuart consoles the mother, Lana realises they're in the water. She bites back her fear to save them. Stuart offers his assistance, as does Zeke when he arrives in time to save Lana. Furious at Stuart for putting her in harm's way, Zeke chews him out, then rides to the hospital with Lana. Both boys suffer Sara's wrath when she and Glen arrive.
Sara grounds Lana but, seeing how depressed this makes her, she suggests that the next day she goes to the cafe to be with Zeke.
Lana and Zeke bond further when she reveals the details behind her condition. Lana decides to spend the day helping out in the cafe, and thus begins being a volunteer dishwasher and table clearer. She and Zeke make plans for a date the following day.
Zeke's friends crash their date to the cinema, one that Lana has made an effort to dress up for. At the end of the movie Zeke and Lana escape and share their first kiss. It doesn't last long when Stuart interrupts them. Lana stops Zeke from punching Stuart when he's provoked. Incensed by their childish behaviour, Lana leaves the boys to their own devices and walks away.
Unfamiliar with her surroundings, Lana is soon lost, and discovered by Jim and his friends. She flees but is soon captured by the group. In her desperation, she calls out Zeke's name. The boys run away, and Zeke takes her to safety. The name appears to be a fluke, but Zeke is pleased that there's hope for her recovery.
Lana begins surfing lessons, starting on dry land with standing. She spends time with Zeke's friends while he works at the cafe. Poppy reveals the truth behind Zeke's bad reputation: that he hit a teacher while protecting her.
Lana and Zeke continue to fall in love as they spend more time together, something which hurts Stuart to see. Lana discovers that Zeke and his friends are all entered into a surfing contest at the end of the summer.
Glen warns Zeke after walking Lana home that, if anything happens to her, she'll be sent back to her mother. Concerned he might lose her, Zeke refuses to continue Lana's surfing lessons. Angry, she stalks away, and meets Stuart. Stuart has come to accept that Lana loves Zeke and he can't get between them. He relates an event from their past when he and Zeke fought over her after she told them a legend about mermaids who save surfers drifting out to sea. Zeke was put in danger, and Lana saved him. It was the last time she and her family visited the beach.
Lana, in a bid to overcome her fear of water, goes to the beach alone at night. She wades out into the sea and is only stopped by Poppy. Poppy takes Lana back to her home for the night and suggests that it's not the water Lana is afraid of, but something else. Lana wonders what that something else might be and thinks of her mother, a woman as suffocating and cold as the sensation of drowning.
Lana and Zeke make amends, and Lana recalls an argument between her parents about her, and how her father struck her mother before leaving them. Zeke promises to teach Lana to surf and Lana, letting go at last of the illusions she had of her perfect father being driven out by her mother, finds the courage to speak to him. They keep it a secret so she isn't sent home early and, that night, Lana throws away her father's jacket. Zeke's friends soon join them in the surfing lessons. Although Stuart is still hurt to have lost Lana, her happiness is all he needs.
Their secret is soon discovered by Lana's cousin Marcus who is home to visit. He vows to keep it on her behalf, though thinks it's unsurprising she lost her voice when she never used it to speak against her mother. Lana wonders if this is the reason it disappeared.
While working late in the cafe one night, Joe leaves Zeke and Lana to lock up. He's not gone long when Jim and his friends return to exact petty revenge by vandalising the cafe. Zeke and Lana take cover in the utility room, only to realise that Jim has started a fire in the kitchen. The pair call emergency services and escape. Outside, Jim is waiting on them. He attacks Zeke who tells Lana to run. When Jim is about to break Zeke's leg, Lana leaps on the man to stop him. Zeke protects his girlfriend. Jim and his friends flee when the authorities arrive but are soon caught. Zeke and Lana can do nothing but console one another and watch the cafe burn. Their parents are notified of the incident by the police.
The next morning, Lana goes to the cafe to find it in ruins. Joe is upset but doesn't blame her. He's concerned at how long the insurance will take to pay out. Lana decides to sign up for the surf contest as it has a cash prize, although she has little hope of winning. Zeke and his friends agree that, whoever wins, will give the money to Joe for the cafe.
When Lana returns to the cottage later that night, she finds her mother waiting. Having been called by the police, Diana is furious. She takes Lana away that very evening. Lana can't find her voice to answer back.
Thrown back into the deep end with her swimming, Lana feels broken in spirit, forced to do her mother's bidding. That is until Marcus arrives to save her, offering to take her back in time for the surfing competition the next day.
As both contests start, it's unclear which Lana has chosen to attend.
Naturally, it's the surfing contest. Even though she doesn't win, Lana knows she's home. After a long, difficult talk between Sara and Diana, Diana consents to let her daughter stay with her aunt, stubbornly asserting that it's because she can't commute between the beach and city to practice surfing. Lana finds her voice to thank her mother for caring enough to finally let her go. They part on civil terms, having a better understanding of one another.
The movie ends as Lana, Stuart, Eric, Poppy, Zeke, Max, Lewis and Marcus play in the water at night, Sara, Glen, and Joe looking on. In the distance, a mermaid who aids surfers disappears under the water, realising there are no surfers on the shore she needs to help.

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