The Unknown

Creator: William L. Urban
Age rating: Everyone
A man wakes up in a single engine airplane. He doesn't know how to fly. He is alone, but that's not his main problem. He is heading towards the Sears Tower on automatic pilot chased by F-16 Fighters. He realized he’s been set up as a terrorist. But why him? He's a nobody.
Synopsis: “THE UNKNOWN” - Synopsis
Michael Hardy is a man who hardly anyone knows. A nobody. A man with no connections in a dead end job. When he wakes up in the cockpit of a single-engine airplane alone with no piloting experience, he doesn't have time to question why or how he got there. He only knows he has to avoid crashing into a skyscraper in Chicago's Loop and keep from getting shot down by two F-16 pilots who think he's a terrorist. He escapes this peril only to find he is being chased by heavily armed men in suits. He joins two confederates -- both of whom are also on the run. They run -- but not to get away. Instead, they chase across the country to the very seats of power, where they uncover a plot to turn the Supreme Court into the sole seat of power.

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