Short 2D Animation

Creator: Deepak kumar
Age rating: Everyone
New generation Rabbit and Tortoise race
Synopsis: A crane (police) arrested a tortoise named torus for Animal Bank Robbery case. While taking him to destination he escaped using his knife and reached in tea shop of Karumban Fox, that time the Rabbit named Robo reached near them as a race winner. The way Robo the rabbit react did not make happy to torus and they started to dispute. The torus told to robo that his ancestors defeat a rabbit earlier, so no need to so happy. He can also win the race. The dispute take them for race by fox. The torus meet a cunning monkey named Vinashu who is living in a cave. He told torus he will help him to win the race. The race began with a cheer the rabbit as we know is faster, and the tortoise started to think plans with the monkey to make his slow and divert and win the race. While the tortoise try to use a short cut, the crane (police) was crossing the area and he found him and started to follow him. The way was blocked and tortoise return and the monkey try to divert the rabbit from way. However he find the using GPS. The monkey sent a female rabbit to block running to Robo with some tricks and she do it well. The rabbit drink soap water and his condition you can imagine. The tortoise win the race. But the police, crane reached there and explain it to fox . that he is a criminal in robbery case, and the tortoise was not following the race rules. But fox did not believe. But another person, the sun was watching every thing and support the crane and finally fox believed. They declare rabbit as the real winner.

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