Creator: Diablo Dean
Age rating: 17 and older
Believing he killed a man, Half-Breed Comanche Abel Hall takes on his victims identity & runs away, only to land in a troubled town.
Synopsis: The MAN BLACK atop a WHITE HORSE, silently rides unseen through the troubled small towns of SW Texas in 1886, looking for converts.

One of those town's is SpindleTop, where Half-Breed Comanche, ABEL HALL lives with his father, former Civil War Hero & Texas Ranger, JS HALL.

Tormented by the townsfolk & unable/unwilling to fit in, Abel's only friend is his Half-Brother JEB, Deputy of Beaumont TX,.10 miles away & his flock of ravenous Vultures.

Frustrated after getting beat up "again" by the TAGGARD boys, Abel steals Jeb's rifle. High on a cliff amongst his Vultures, Abel sets his sight's on the Man in Black atop the White Horse as he rides across the desert below.

Knowing there are no bullett's in the gun, Abel pulls the trigger & blows the man's head off (Immaculate Destruction).

Fueled by grief & the fear of being hung, Abel switches clothes with the Man in Black, feeding the dead man to his Vultures faking his own death. The White Horse follows Abel & seems to want to lead him somewhere.

After finding a Family Photo of the Man in Black along with saddlebags full of cash, Abel hopes the White Horse will lead him to the Dead Man's family, so he may right his wrongs.

Along the way, Abel meets SCRATCH, a crusty down on his luck cowboy on his way to the Town of Refuge, which he claims, has the best Whorehouse this side a Hell. Abel agrees to join him.

Meanwhile JS, overcome with grief over the loss of his son, swears in Jeb as a Texas Ranger to hunt for Abel's killer.

Refuge, about 200 miles SW of SpindleTop, is run by the tyrannical Skip who has the town's SHERIFF BRIGGS on payroll. Skip runs Refuge with an iron fist and any one brave or stupid enough to cross him is killed & their bodies sold to the mysterious MR. BONG.

As one of Skip's Whores, CAROLINE, is giving birth to one of many babies Skip's fathered, another of his Whores, JOLENE is manipulating a young Cowboy, SKEET, with free sex, hoping they run away together.

Immediately after Caroline has the baby, Skip kill's them both, selling their bodies to Mr. Bong, just as Abel & Scratch arrive in Refuge.

Fearful of being recognized as the murdering Half-Breed he is, Abel feels the tension build throughout the Saloon as Skip announces they are to celebrate Carolines new baby boy.

Instead Skip reveals that he knows about Jolene & Skeet. Skeet's immediately killed & Jolene is slaughtered while trying to avenge Skeet.

Enraged, Abel draws his pistols faster than anyone in the Saloon including Skip can believe, killing Skip & wounding Sheriff Briggs.

Sheriff Briggs quickly regains his composure and is about to execute an unconscious Abel. MOLLY a Mother figure to the rest of the whores, shoves Skip's shotgun into Sheriff Briggs face stopping him in his tracks.

Moments later, JASPER, the Saloon's Bar-Keep, knocks Sheriff Briggs out cold with a whiskey bottle to the side of his head. Fearing for their lives, Abel, Scratch, Molly, Jasper and most of the Whores escape from Refuge before Sheriff Briggs wakes up.

As the fleeing group heads east to Houston, the White Horse stops just outside of Refuge. With the White Horse refusing to budge, Abel realizes that he must say good-bye, leaving his friends to face his destiny.

As Abel says good-bye to Molly, he shows her the picture of the Man in Black & his family. Shocked & confused, Molly reveals Abel's victim was Skip's Ex business partner, TERRENCE PROCTOR, whom Skip had double crossed & murdered along with his family 5 years ago.

Abel's confused, yet believes he has exacted revenge for Terrence & his murdered family.

Abel gives most of Terrence's money to the group & turns back to his fate, knowing he's headed to the Gallows & beyond.

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