Creator: Rique
Age rating: 17 and older
HOLLYWEIRD is a half hour single cam comedy show about four dysfunctional roommates living through the madness that is the dark side of Hollywood. This definitely isn’t 90210.

Latest Work

  • Short Video 1 - TRAILER
  • Pilot Video 1 - HOLLYWEIRD EP. 1
    Creative Notes:
    The pilot episode may differ very slightly than the pilot script being that I allowed the actors freedom to play with the words and make it their own. There were a lot of golden moments with improving in certain scenes that I had to keep in the final product.
  • Pilot Script 1 - Somewhere over the Rainbow
    Creative Notes:
    I have nine other episodes written out to complete a season.
    Rex loses his cool on his roommates about rent, JP gets hired to dance in a cage for money, Bridgett has a date with a fashion designer and Dillon brags about a babe he’s going to take photos of who turns out to be the opposite of a babe.