Always A Groomsmen, Never A Groom

Creator: Emmy Morgan
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
A straight guy & a gay guy decide to date each other in order score dates with women and hot gay men respectively.
Synopsis: Justin is a typical White straight guy living in Boston. He wants to be a good person, do a great job, and find the love of his life.

Andrew is an atypical Black gay man living in Boston. He wants to be loved, respected, and wanted.

They meet by chance at a gay club where Justin's best friend Marvin convinces Justin to hunt for hot single girls by pretending to be gay. Andrew with his twin sister Andrea are their with Andrew's best friend Miguel. Andrew, Miguel, Justin, and Marvin decide to pool their efforts to scheme.

While Andrew starts getting the attention he wants from the gays having a hot boyfriend, Justin starts falling for Andrea. Things get even more complex when Miguel reveals to Andrea he loves Andrew.

Will the couples sort themselves out? Andrea's ex boyfriend Robert hopes not.

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