Goodbye, Cochise

Creator: Pa Co
Age rating: 13 and older
A young woman takes her father’s ashes in search of Cochise’s gravesite, where she's captured by a renegade enemy spirit who hopes to use her to lure Cochise’s spirit into hell.
Synopsis: Registered with WGAe
Supernatural Drama

Babe Goci is laid off from her low level job out on the flight line of a Wichita aircraft plant. She considers her options for about ten minutes and does what anybody would do – she runs… again. After all, she’s on the run from her Oklahoma home already—why not run again?

But on the way down through Oklahoma a snow storm pushes her into weathering it out at her father’s ranch outside of Oklahoma City.

When her father dies after extracting a promise from Babe that she’ll place his ashes inside the grave-site of Cochise, in southeast Arizona, Babe reluctantly agrees to honor his last wishes. Her father believes Cochise will guide his spirit into heaven.

Soon after arriving in Arizona with Poppy's ashes, Babe finds the grave of Cochise, using her father’s maps and photos from his earlier discovery of the grave.

Unfortunately, Dlo, an evil Apache spirit does not want Cochise to ascend into heaven. He attacks Babe and carries her spirit into his own hellish exile, where the only way in and out is on his white horse - a horse he has total control over.

Hell is not an easy place for a captive who is only a mere mortal. Dlo is all-powerful inside his hell-on-earth.

But Babe has an ace in the hole. She discovers that she can have tenuous control over Dlo’s white horse in an unorthodox way. In that way, she makes a valiant effort to escape Dlo’s spirit.

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