Creator: Gabriel Gambetta
Age rating: Everyone
After an EMP nuclear snowfall wipes out a city, a slacker recruits his friends to join the army in a battle against a species of alien invaders.
Synopsis: Young adults MATT and ASHLEY, JIN and JULIA, and BRIAN are having dinner and drinks at Matt’s. Ashley is annoyed because Matt won’t commit seriously to their relationship.

The lights go out. Looking outside the window, they see it’s snowing -- a weird fluorescent snow, in a city where it never snows. They wonder whether it’s a nuclear attack, which would explain electronics not working anymore and the strange “snow”. They helplessly watch through the window as their neighbour across the street dies upon contact with the snow.

They inventory their provisions but they realize help may take days to arrive (“remember the Superdome”). They make a couple of suits out of scuba diving and household gear.
Matt and Brian leave the house and go for supplies. They don’t see any survivors. They load up shopping carts. They separate for a minute. Matt hears Brian’s blood-curling scream. When he gets to him, he’s lying on the ground, dead, his suit stolen.

He carries the supplies back to the house and tells the others what happened.
Someone knocks on the door. Matt is about to shoot through it, assuming it’s Brian’s killer, but it turns out to be the Army looking for survivors. They draft only the men. Matt and Jin go with them, while Ashley and Julia stay behind.

They meet two other survivors. Kevin, a young black Law student, and Buck, a 60 year old redneck who is convinced the mexicans are invading the country.

The convoy reaches the local army base, where roughly 300 survivors including Army personnel are gathered. The man in charge, Maj. Harris, explains that the city is under what happens to be the beginning of an alien invasion.

Matt and Jin have no choice but to join everyone else in a march towards the local stadium, which the Army wants to set up as a base and refugee camp.

On their way there, they spot the aliens for the first time -- they look like a mix of spiders and crabs, the size of a dog. The men attack, and despite the alien’s use of an energy ray, get their first victory.

The soldiers take the stadium and start setting up camp. Matt and Jin discuss deserting and go rescue their girlfriends.

Suddenly, it stops snowing. Everyone cheers and remove their helmets. The weather deteriorates quickly, and seemingly out of nowhere the stadium is overrun by alien bugs. A carnage ensues.

To his horror, Matt realizes there are no bugs -- everyone is suffering from hallucinations and killing each other. He tries to stop the carnage but is almost killed by the blast of an explosion.

Laying on his back, he spots a static, oddly shaped cloud in the sky. He mans the AA gun and blows up the “cloud”, which makes the hallucinations stop immediately.

There’s now just a handful of survivors. Buck is dead. What is left of the Army decides to counter-attack at dawn; an all-or-nothing strike at Capitol Square, where aliens seem to come from.

Matt and Jin decide to desert and rescue their women instead. Outside the stadium, however, they’re ambushed by the alien bugs and paralyzed by the energy ray. They’re not eaten, but taken to Capitol Square, where they meet the actual alien overlord -- a gelatinous blob similar to a squid with telekinetic and telepathic powers.

The Squid invades Jin’s mind. Matt manages to escape his restraints and kill the Squid. Jin is unconscious but alive. Matt carries him back to the Stadium. On his way back, he feels rumblings, similar to small earthquakes.

The Army is leaving to attack the aliens. In his delirious fever, Jin warns them it’s a trap, and says he’s seen terrible things in the mind of the Squid. The Army pays no attention and continues the march.

Many buildings are reduced to rubble, forcing them to take a particular path through the city. More earthquakes happen and collapse buildings, and they seem to be getting closer.

The Army is led to a dead-end, and then are attacked by bugs with death rays and massive beasts ten times the size of an elephant, who cause the “earthquakes” by they running and can knock buildings down effortlessly. Most of the army is killed. Matt, Jin and Kevin somehow survive.

They make their way to Matt’s place. Julia and Ashley are alive, but Jin is still delirious. He has seen things. He knows mankind can’t survive the offensive. This carnage is just the overture of the invasion; the aliens are setting up a portal in Capitol Square to bring in the real invaders.

A B52 flies overhead. They realize it’s a tactical nuclear bomber. They will die in minutes, but it’s the only way to stop the invasion.

But nothing happens. Jin understands -- in his visions, the aliens were setting up a force field around Capitol Square that prevents the nukes from detonating. All is lost. He can’t take it anymore. He kills himself.

Matt and Jin decide to attack Capitol Square on their own. They may be mankind’s last chance. They hide from and are chased by hordes of alien bugs.

Matt comes up with a suicide plan to take out the Squid and the shield. Another B52 is approaching. Jin speeds away from the square and barely looks back when a nuclear mushroom rises behind him.

Weeks later, Kevin, Julia and Ashley are in a refugee camp. A survivor arrives -- against all odds, it’s a weakened, sick Matt. He’s obviously dying from radiation poisoning. He downplays his role in saving mankind, and instead tells Ashly he has come back for her, just as he had promised.


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