P C (Population Control)

Creator: Jae Michael
Age rating: 13 and older
What the world made look like from unknown Bacteria Using. Biochemical and. Molecular unsafe methods, food modification etc. is discover by a sharp trouble scientist and the government made up and strategically place all over the world to handle the Population.
Synopsis: Felicia is a brave, scientists caught up in a world where there
unknown virus, bacteria, disease outbreak, computer data ease, birth control tampering, food modification, ozone layer control and mayhem. Felicia quickly becomes, the heroine to come up with answers and and try to find a cure for what is going on around her, but dealing with her reoccurring bad childhood memory, from being raised by a Bipolar mother she, sometimes falls victim herself, she eventually realized that her childhood unlock the key of what the government has been doing for century to control the population.

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