Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders

Age rating: Everyone
Navy officer Mollie Sanders forces her way onto the maiden voyage of an advanced nuclear sub, where she faces discrimination, danger from the ships of other countries fighting over the South China Sea, and unknown treachery from her own secret past.
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Synopsis: Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders is a woman driven to be the best: first in her class at the Naval Academy, where she majored in electronic engineering; member of the Navy’s Olympic pistol team; and tops at the Underwater Combat Simulator. But she’s had to develop a hard shell to get there – a shell that hides a family secret – and makes her rub everyone the wrong way.

It’s not Mollie’s popularity that gets her a berth on the shakedown voyage of the Neptune, the Navy’s most advanced experimental sub: she designed the sub’s weapons control system. But that’s not enough – for the first time in her life, she uses “pull.”

When Mollie’s engineering design expertise leads her to suspect a traitor on board, she tries to discover who the traitor is. At the same time she has to overcome the crew’s resentment of her as the Neptune cruises to the Arctic Circle and an unscheduled rendezvous with a Russian ice station.

After a shootout with the Russians in which Mollie’s shooting prowess helps to save the captain, the Neptune turns south on a mission to reconnoiter the hotly disputed oil-rich Spratly Islands. There Mollie faces personal danger as she must fight to save herself and the men who are learning to respect her.

That’s not all Mollie faces – she must learn to deal with both the attraction she feels for another officer on the sub and her long-simmering resentment of her famous father. And, of course, as always, Mollie must deal with being a woman in a macho man’s world.

NOTE: This screenplay is the basis for the second half of the ebook technothriller LT. COMMANDER MOLLIE SANDERS, which is available on Amazon at

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