Zeela and the Trixster

Creator: Xavier Smith
Age rating: Everyone
A young girl finds her creative talents in a world of Make Believe.
Synopsis: Zeela is a young girl with a passion for art whom has an aunt that is a well-renown writer that has run into writer's block. Zeela visits her aunt and finds out that her aunt's muse, a cat named Elric, can open a portal to the creative world where our ideas and inspiration come to life. Join Zeela as she meets the Trixster, the heroine from her aunt's stories as they both try to find what is holding her back. Zeela discovers things about herself through the power she gains in this world. Her wild imagination becomes reality in front of her eyes and in the palm of her hands. Zeela finds out that sometimes what we fight against is not truly our enemy but a part of us we can't get rid of.

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