Creator: Shoaib Shahid
Age rating: Everyone
It's a story about some special people which are chosen by the nature to protect the world from massive destruction.
Synopsis: It's a story about those peoples which are chosen by the nature to protect the world from massive destruction these people are like normal human but their courage makes them special and inspires the nature to choose them and give them some special abilities/superpower and that's why they known as wonders but right now i am describing only about a character from the league of wonders. A nine year old girl Emma gets hurt in volcanoes eruption where tiny particles of Red-hot lava fall on her cervical spine. And that's how she gets the power to burst/flow volcanic lava through her hands. But her mother Courtney does not accept this change and thinks that it will destroy her daughter life so that's why she secretly sends her Medical report to several doctors and Research center for help. After few days later middle of the night somebody broke into Courtney house hurts her very badly and kidnaps Emma. After that Courtney eyes open in a hospital where F.B.I special agent jean comes to meet Courtney and asks about her daughter. Courtney tells everything and then asks to jean about the kidnapper. Jean tells about the kidnapper that his name is Dr. Elvis He was the biologist in NATIONAL GENETICS RESEARCH CENTER (N.G.R.C). Last year Military heard about a boy who was live on island the boy was also special like Emma he had a ability to burst lightning bolt through her hands. So they reached there and caught him alive and give him to (N.G.R.C) In a custody of Dr. Elvis for some medical test but didn't allow him to do experiment on that boy but Elvis wanted to do so he decided to do experiment secretly on that boy but the result didn't come out very well the boy got out of control and escaped from the lab and because of this irresponsibility (N.G.R.C) kicked Dr. Elvis out. After that conversation F.B.I find out Elvis place where Dr. Elvis was doing DNA transplantation program on Emma's body to his body after 7% of DNA transplantation program has completed suddenly F.B.I attack his place but Unfortunately Elvis manages to escape from there and leaves Emma there. F.B.I only gets success in rescue Emma and admits her into a hospital. After that Dr. Elvis hides into another place and then he starts feeling unwell because of DNA transplantation and it result didn't come out very well it turns him into a Ugly Red Muscular Monster and gets the ability to burst/flow lava through her mouth this change make him crazy and the power overwhelms on him and he gets out of control and then he decides to increase his power and for this he needs to complete the transplantation program so he enters into a hospital and attacks on Emma. Emma also fights back but she fails and faints once again Elvis kidnaps her but suddenly from the corner of street the lightning boy appears and attacks on Elvis and hurts him very badly and saves Emma.

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