Sunrise From The Water

Age rating: 13 and older
Today our world are full of people who take on unwanted lifestyles. These are lifestyles they take on in the environment they have decided to live in. Sunrise From The Waters allows us to overcome these unwanted lifestyles against all odds.
Synopsis: Synopsis
Sunrise From The Waters
Written by: Olafemi

A man, tired of his life, wants to make a change. He and his woman go into the streets to find an answer to their problems. Their search takes them into the problems of the streets and this leads them to four more people who want to change their positions in life.

They never knew they were destined for change until evil principalities try to defuse their search. Their lives unfold as they defeat their challenges and release the evils of the world.

Six people joined together to make a difference in our world. They show that with the grace of GOD, nothing is impossible. With prayer, goals can be reached and evil ties are broken. Six people changed from what they were, to change others. This book is action packed and full of miracles.

The characters are MC, Melody, Joseph, Linda, Justis and Constance. All from different walks of life. Shattered and scorned throughout their lives. Brought together to conquer the evils that bind us

Latest Work

  • Video 3 - Photo Introduction
    Creative Notes:
    Sunrise From The Waters will be a movie that allows people to see why they continue to live unwanted lifestyles and a way that can change them forever. Life is a constant chance and opportunity to change and live but if we know not how to change it will never occur within us. GOD BLESS...
  • Script 1 - Dwayne's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is actually a Spiritual - horror, with demons and six frightened but strong minded characters. Scene changing, bumps in the dark and prayers that seem to make a difference. Life expects the best of who we are but death takes us to our limits and we search for all the outs to avoid the obstacles and the tragedies that follows. Fighting to make a difference one character holds the winning card.

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  • Video 2 - The Theme Song
    Creative Notes:
    Live the lifestyle you were created to live. Enjoy your life and know what it is that wants you to be miserable. Sunrise From The Waters: The Movie will take you to the extremes of the person who is within you.
  • Video 1 - Changing Lifestyles
    Creative Notes:
    In life we all hold labels to who we are. Most times we are not who the label describes us to be. We want so badly to live the lives we were born to live, allowing our dreams to be reality. Sunrise From The Waters is about changing lifestyles. Live as we were created to live. It's knowing why we live as we do and how we can change from that lifestyle that is unwanted to a lifestyle of our dreams.