"The Idea Man"

Creator: Velimir Ivanov
Age rating: Everyone
a storyteller realize he exist cause a female writer write stories about him,when they meet and the woman realize that the man is the same man from her stories,she like him and decide to hold on him,continuing to write stories about him to keep him alive and existing
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Title:"The Idea Man"
Subject:"Being John Malkovich"meet"Monkeybone"...a man who collect a stories from the people around the world,one day disappear from the reality and appear into the depths of a woman's mind,there he fight for his rights to live and exist in the reality,untill she slleep and have a dream of him,then she begin to speak and to write a stories about him,unconsciously materializing him again in the real world,then accidentaly they both meet , speak and recognize each other,...when the woman realize that the man is the same man from her dreams,she take him in her house and life,and continue to write stories about him,only to prevent him from disappearance,cause he turn to be the perfect man of her dreams,who commit only the actions which she write in her stories about him...

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