”Life Exchange”

Creator: Velimir Ivanov
Age rating: Everyone
in a society where people don’t have families,everyone can buy anything for money,even a family, the most valuable product is the experience of somebody else’s life,so a guy buy the experience of entire family,becoming the man-his wife-his childrens in same time...
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Title:”Life Exchange”
Subject:in a society where people don’t have families anymore, everyone can buy anything for money, even wife, children, parents and relatives, for as much time as necessary, the new formed family members isn’t necessary to be relatives at all, so people buy the families of their dreams and spend as much time with as needed to become satisfied, everyone except buying, it is possible to sell himself for a lucrative offer, only the most valuable product to become the experience of somebody else’s life from many different perspectives, without leaving your own body, so a guy buy a family and the experience of the family members, becoming one man-family, being in a same time himself, his wife, his children, his parents and relatives…

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