"The Universe"

Creator: Velimir Ivanov
Age rating: Everyone
Universe is an Echo phenomenon result from a vision of the Creator, which basic source of existence The Creator’s Voice already didn’t exist…
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Title:"The Universe"
Universe is a stereo-photo snapshot taken by God into his own mind…Universe is a Mind, while the Galaxies are Mind’s ideas that are on their way to get in real shapes and forms…
Universe is a music string instrument, while all strings turn to be the different levels/spheres of existence…Universe is a musical composition, while all existing things and beings are the musical tones, which come together to create the musical harmony…Universe is an Echo phenomenon as a result from a vision or a bunch of visions of the Creator, mixed together in the time/space continuum,which basic source of existence The Creator’s Voice already didn’t exist…Universe is the dissolute/disassembled body of a dieing/dead God, while we are his still alive microscopic ancestors in our way to final extinction…Universe is a cyber-organic self-organizing web/cover, while people and all other inhabitants are emotional/memory silk producing cocoons,which life experiences are used for self adjusting/changing universal cover…Universe is a firework-mind idea/though…Universe is a complex of many different realities which vibrate on different frequencies…Universe is an ocean of illness/disease as well our inner world, while we must to keep the balance between the inner and the outer ill cosmos in a way to stay healthy and alive…Universe is the God’s Divine Hallucination while he is in deadly agony…Universe is the eye of God, where the ideas from his mind were created inside the eye which is our reality, which later must be projected outside the eye into a more perfect reality…Universe is a Divine Bio-Organic Clock,showing the time to the Gods…Universe is the corpse of the already dead God/Creator,while all stars,planets and its inhabitants are in fact the corpse desolating/ desintegrating worms/insects in their way to become new small Gods…Universe is a one of the many fruits into a divine marc/rape barrel,till the humans as well all other creatures are the marc/rape fermentation vinegar’s worms/insects,whose quest is to turn the raw,nice and juicy Universe into an alcoholic drink for the Gods…Universe is the Divine visualization of the jerking God ,in a way to gain pleasure from his mind concepts…Universe is a workless God’s hallucination who has intoxicated himself in a way to visualize and project his visions to entertain his Divine Superiors…Universe (macro cosmos)is the past,till the organism(micro cosmos)is the future…Universe is a phisical show for the spiritual creatures,a place where spirits can live,have experience and entertain themselves through their physical bodies...Universe as well every thing inside of it is a breathing (inhaling/exhaling) organism…Universe is a cyber virtual reality,where everyone learn to project its wishes and dreams,to become totally satisfied...Universe is an artificially created bio-organic structure by the cybernetic gods,to see is it possible to exist,realize and survive alone in the hyper-cybernetic world…Universe is the alive memory of a dieing God,who reconstruct his former divine life’s memories in the forms of the many alive/existing beings…Universe is a workless God’s hallucination who has intoxicated himself in a way to visualize and project his visions to entertain his Divine Superiors…Universe is a mirror image of the divine reality…Universe is an artificialy created virus(mutagen)inside the God's body,to help God to simulate a viral disease (infection),in a way to get retired...Universe is a vocabular vibration existing inside the Creator's Body,created by the pronounciation of the sylable"AUM"/"OM"...Universe is the mind of God,till all creations and creatures are His ideas,thoughts,intentions...Universe is my mind,till all creatures are mine thoughts,ideas,memories,intentions,emotions,dreams,nightmares...Universe is God's computer game,till all creatures are the computer game's action heroes...Universe is a book,till all creatures are the book's characters(heroes)...Universe is a CD Player,God is a D.J.,till all creations and creatures are the music...Universe is a pupet show,God is the invisible (spiritual) pupetier,till all creatures are the phisical pupets...Universe is still unexisting God's dream (idea), which He want to figure out,is there will appear any purpose at all in all times(even only one good person),to make this dream a reality...Universe is a jail(catorgue),God is the Judge,till all creatures are the sinful children of God,sentenced for life to live on Earth and all other planets and levels of existence...Universe is Hell,till all creatures are the different faces of Devil, sentenced to fight with each other...Universe is the Eden Garden,...the Worlds(planets)are the Fruits of the Eden Garden,...Death is the God's Kitchen Refrigerator,...Hell is the God's Frying Pan,where He cook the Fruits(planets)...Universe is the destroyed ancient Heaven,Earth is the Noah's Ark,all creatures are the only surviving creatures from the ancient Heaven,who must find a way to collect all worlds(parts of Heaven)into one whole new Heaven...Universe is just a microscopic part(molecule or cell)from my body...Universe is inside of my body,it is my body and my body is Universe...Universe is a one of the many Eggs in the God's garden,...all objetcs and creatures in Universe are also Eggs,...Humanity's Mesiahs are the antichaotic pills puted by God into his Egg,to heal it...Universe is a phisical show for the spiritual creatures...Universe is a giant womb,till all creatures and structures are the eggs and the spermatozoides in that universal womb,merging with each other...Universe is an ocean,till all planets are a camouflaging refugees for a different kinds of a giant creatures...Universe is the intelectual Gods's farm,till all living creatures are Gods's intelectual divine food...Universe and all creatures are the micro-cybernetic parts of God's cybernetic body...Universe is a black hole like magnetic ring...Universe is a mosaic which must to be put in order...Universe is a Conscious(Mind),till all existing creatures are just its thoughts(ideas)...Universe is a DNA Molecule into the God's body...Universe is the food of a hyperspace aliens,till humanity is an artificialy created viruses puted inside to infect it...Universe is a part from Cyber God's body,till all creatures are slaves with natural origin,catched by the God from the hyper reality and puted inside his cyber body to take care of it and reconstruct it...Universe is the sinful fruit(apple or mushroom),where all creatures are entrapped to live in,after once consumed it...Universe is an Asylum,where everyone is sended in to realize its madness...Universe is a cyber virtual reality,where everyone project its wishes and dreams...Universe is a self recycling perpetum mobile...Universe is an alien’s body inner space...Universe is the wounded warrior God's body,till all creatures are the red blood cells into its body,reconstucting its wounds,to recover him for a new battles...Universe is giant womb,where every 28 000 years appear a magic egg waiting to be found and fertilized by any capable existing creature (spermatozoid)...Universe is a spherical holografic book,untill the creatures are the words(letters)of that book,through which the creator(writer)visualize its ideas and creative intentions into his hyper reality...Universe is the devastated paradise garden,untill the Earth is the Noah's Ark carrying on board all surviving creatures,untill the transformation of Universe into the Eden Garden again...

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