”Suspended Life”

Creator: Velimir Ivanov
Age rating: Everyone
police officer who is mistaken for a criminal,while running for his life,discover that the police rulled reality is also a state of mind as the rest of he and his pursuers also exist in a cubicle VR projecting homes around the world,as a distance drone operating avatars
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Title:”Suspended Life”
Subject:in a police controlled state the police force deliberately provoke havoc and stress over the population, hiring dealers and killers to harass the population in a way to execute more restrictions and rules, enforcing people to stay in their small cubicles called homes, where their bodies hang in a high-tech coffins from the ceiling projecting around them different places and realities on demand as their own personal life and while people don’t go to work anymore, they operate remotely controlled drone machines around the world from the their virtually projecting cubicles called homes, it is the story of a police officer who is mistaken for a criminal and while running for his life, he discover that the police ruling reality is also a state of mind and all police officers and criminals also exist in a cubicle virtual projecting homes around the world, while he and the others are just a distance operating avatars…

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