”Still Play”

Creator: Velimir Ivanov
Age rating: Everyone
writer gain the ability to move so fast,that the rest to appear as it is standing still,he use his ability to rearrange people according to his stories,implanting the cues into their minds,erasing their own memories,using them to play the characters of his stories
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Title:”Still Play”
Subject:an aspiring unpublished screenplay writer gain the ability spontaneously to move so fast ,that the rest of the world to appear as it is standing still, so he use his fast moving ability from time to time to rearrange and design the surrounding people and habitat according to his best screenplay decors, implanting the screenplay cues into the chosen personalities minds, erasing their own memories, using them to play later the characters of his screenplay, realizing in this way his story in the real life without anyone noticing anything suspicious…

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