"When You Wish"

Age rating: Everyone
The Stephenson family is the picture of the American dream. Set in small town Iowa a ruthless banker and his cronies conspire to bankrupt and destroy the family in the weeks before Christmas. Only a miracle can save them but miracles come in all shapes and sizes.
Synopsis: If you love "It's a Wonderful Life" you will cherish the feel good story of Joe and Sara Stephenson of Maquoketa, Iowa. A small town second generation home builder and community leader is caught up in a web of a ruthless banker and quickly turns into a man without a family, electricity, money or hope.
With Christmas at hand and desperation over an accelerated and vindictive foreclosure attempt the family seperates for the first time at Christmas to stay with Joe's Mother as their life has become nearly unbearable.
They keep their loyalty, love and commitment just as it can't seem to get worse, Joe strikes out and becomes a wanted man on Christmas Eve. Then the magic begins!

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Timothy "Mars"'s Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Good times come and go for the Stephenson's of Maquoketa, Iowa. Christmas is here but in the brutal winter disaster has struck this charming family as a ruthless banker has made it his mission to destroy Joe Stephenson and his family's American dream. Joe quickly decsends from community leader to wanted man as he fights for his home, family and his pride. Only a miracle could save them now.