"When You Wish"

Age rating: Everyone
The Stephenson family of small town Iowa have seen their American dream turn into a nightmare just weeks before Christmas as a ruthless banker bankrupts the family and forces them into foreclosure. Only a miracle can save them now but miracles come in all shapes and sizes.
Synopsis: It's just weeks before Christmas in Maquoketa, Iowa in the midst of a brutal winter where the Stephenson family, Joe and Sara with their four children are facing disaster with their heads up but a ruthless banker has made enemies with Joe and has caused his second generation home building business to close and now is trying to evict them before Christmas just for fun.
Joe is only human and begins to get into one problem after another trying to withstand the pain and belatedly agrees to let his family spend the holidays to escape the turmoil while he finds his lawyer in cahoots with the banker. He responds in anger, baited by the banker at the local diner Joe hits him and is now a wanted man on Christmas Eve.
Only a miracle, a miracle of unique appearance saves the family, their dreams and ours as the community, their friends and the help of a stranger save and reunite the family for a true Christmas miracle!

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