Egg Nog and Aliens

Creator: Jeremy Rafuse
Age rating: Everyone
Aliens stranded on Earth cause a chain reaction of calamitous events, forcing a family to rethink the meaning of Christmas.
Synopsis: Synopsis
Egg Nog and Aliens Written by Jeremy Rafuse
In December 2013, A UFO lands in Bloomington, Illinois, a town outside of Chicago. The U.S. government has built a ship bay in preparation for the alien arrival.
The U.S. government and business leaders meet with the head of the aliens, Jack, and offer business alliances. Jack, however, is not interested: he intends to rebuild the UFO and depart as soon as possible.
Everett, a member of the alien crew, is locked out of the ship bay. He ends up in downtown Bloomington, where he finds safety inside a toy store.
On Christmas morning, prior to opening presents, Asher Smith sits with Ella his wife, and sons Bill and Joe and apologizes for the past year of mishaps and promises to make this the best Christmas ever.
A knock at the door. Agent Ryan, an FBI agent, and a group of Marines, are searching for Everett, the lost alien. Agent Ryan explains they are searching for terrorists rather than the aliens.
During Boxing Day supper, Everett makes an appearance. The Smith family scramble into the kitchen, save Bill who thinks he is hallucinating from smoking too much weed.
The FBI and Marines set up an alien surveillance at the Smith residence. Keeping his promise to his family, Asher drugs the Marines with a sleeping pill, and informs his family they are setting out on the road to search for the meaning of Christmas.
On the road, Asher loses control of the wheel. The car spins to a stop on a frozen river. A group of militia and their families come to the rescue. The Smith family attend the militia fundraiser. Bill even wins the snowmobile race after Everett helps him with his magic powers.
The fundraiser is interrupted when the Marines arrive in an Apache. The Smiths and the militia manage to escape.
Next, the Smith family visits a coffee house where Asher introduces Everett to the crowd. The crowd reacts with heckles.
The Smith family find a Motel 6 . In the middle of the night, the FBI evacuate all the motel customers and fill the rooms with FBI agents.
The next morning, Agent Ryan approaches Asher and explains his dilemma. He also says that he shouldn’t give the FBI a hard time – the FBI have even brought Jackson,
a member of the Chicago Bears to keep the Smith family company. Bill and Joe could not be more impressed.
The FBI persuades the Smith family to spend the day at an historical house. A murder is choreographed – making it look like Everett pushed a Tour Guide down the stairs.
Later, at Motel 6, Asher decides he will fight the charges against Everett. Immediately following their meeting with the FBI, once more the Smith family go onto the road.
They tour around Chicago, but discover the only place they can visit is Denny’s as Everett has become a liability. Bill has an epiphany: he promises his family he will quit drugs, and that he will attend college, but they must return home to face the music
Back home they are greeted by the FBI, Jackson and Evan, another alien.
Uncle George hosts a welcome home party. Agent Ryan allows the Smith family to attend. Asher and Uncle George invite neighbors to get their photos taken with Evan and Everett.
Susan, a neighbor, calls Channel 4 News, after she confesses that she thinks she saw an alien.
The Channel 4 news crew arrives, but quickly they turn their attention to Bill who stands in the middle of the street and waves a handgun. Uncle George thinks it is a perfect chance for an intervention.
Bill escapes into the family car driven by Everett. A chase follows. Everett escapes by flying the car over a frozen river.
The next day, the Smith family go fishing on the river when Ezra and Cory appear. Asher hides the fact that Everett is an alien when he throws him across the ice claiming he is actually a fish.
Cory follows Everett into the Smith house where he falls through a trap door and lands on the UFO. The aliens capture him. Cory gets loose and calls Ezra for help.
Bill and Joe learn that Everett and Evan have been meeting with potential companies for a possible job. They go and search for Everett and Evan in the ship bay but instead they meet Cory.
Cory yields a gun and says that the aliens are not going home until they pay off their Walmart bill. A fight ensues where Cory shoots and kills Everett. Bill tackles Cory, and then Joe picks up the gun and shoots and kills Cory.
Bill and Joe, and Evan return home and tell their parents that Everett is dead, and that Joe is a murderer.
The UFO is ready for departure. General Adam’s meets with Jack and is told that the aliens regret coming to earth to find that all humans care about is preserving the spirit of Christmas and nothing else. General Adams admits he was not too impressed with the aliens conduct during their stay.
Suddenly, Cory appears in perfect health. Everett too is alive. Ella gives the aliens cookies and says goodbye.
Six months later, Everett appears again. The UFO travelled a few hundred meters before it had engine problems and had to touch down again.
Everett visits Asher at Smith Electronics, and later Bill and Joe up at the school.
Agent Ryan also visits Asher and shows him a video that the FBI has doctored showing the Tour Guide slipped on a banana peel.
Jackson plays catch with Ezra out in a field. The ball is tossed into a forest. Moments later Jackson leaves the forest alone.
Cory exits the ship before it leaves. The UFO flies off into space.

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