Spring Thaw

Creator: Marqus Bobesich
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
A bumbling salesman misinterprets his dying mentor’s last words as a request to impregnate his new wife.
Synopsis: ERNIE CARVER is our hapless hero, a bumbling appliance salesman from the Mid-West (Think Woody Allen meets Gene Wilder). He’s so bad at what he does but he’s somehow ingratiated himself to his ailing millionaire boss Theodore “Dick” Stuckey, who won’t cut him loose because he has heart.

While chasing some remote, non-existent lead Ernie receives an urgent message to return to the Stuckey mansion, where his dying mentor has one more piece of advice for him. Simultaneous to this we have Stuckey’s bimbo, gold-digging wife TULAH SINCLAIR fighting off the media blitz surrounding the estate, and the fast-talking, no nonsense JANET WONG, a novelist/biographer who has been granted full access to Stuckey’s life and his final days on earth.

Together, Ernie and Janet Wong try to make sense of Stuckey’s dying last words, a series of nonsensical riddles and rhymes… which Janet somehow interprets as a last request for Ernie to impregnate Tulah to continue the Stuckey empire! From here, he has to somehow seduce the clueless Tulah, while fighting off her love-struck bodyguard LT. PUCK and keeping the whole charade a secret from the press.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Marqus's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is the original stage-play I wrote several years ago that I hope to adapt for the screen. Though the current version is obviously very text-heavy, I think it will translate well. It has the flavor of movies like 'Young Frankenstein', 'The Producers', and Woody Allen's 'Love & Death'.