Zacki Almost Saves the Zoo Web Series

Age rating: Everyone
This scene is Martha's Underground Dungeon and shows a curious Zacki with his friend Bang. The two are captured by Martha the owner of the Amusement Park who wants to shut down the zoo.
Synopsis: Zacki, the protagonist of the story grew up at the zoo with his Mother, Father and animals who became his best friends. HIs mother always told him to be wild, not grow up too fast and enjoy his childhood. Now that Zacki is almost 13 years old he is going through a phase where he believes he understands how the world works.
Martha, the antagonist of the story owns Martha's Amusement Park (MAP) and has opened it across the street from the Zoo. It is expanding with new attractions and rides that change people's behavior. When the kids go on the rides they come out different, more adult-like, and from Zacki's point of view . . . boring.
Zacki almost saves the Zoo is going to be a web series and In each episode there is a conflict between Zacki and Martha. Zacki wants to bring people of Norm City together and build a community, while Martha wants to build mind controlling rides, creating zombie like people to attend her amusement park and spend all of their money.
Here are the episodes that have scripts written for the web series
"Sticker Time" is the name of the first episode and in this Zacki buys a sticker machine and hopes to bring people to the zoo with free stickers. Martha opens a new ride called the Martha Go Round which will change a little kid's behavior.
"Plastic Animals" is the name of the second episode and in this Zacki will give away Plastic Animals of his friends Bang the Kangaroo and Einstein the Elephant to people who come to the zoo. Martha obtains a 3-D printer and intends to clone kids to make it look like her Amusement Park is busy.
"Animal T-Shirt Day" is the name of the third episode and in this Zacki will give away free T-Shirts to people who come to the zoo.

Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo is about those qualities we loose when childhood ends. It is about one boy's struggle to keep a part of childhood with him forever and loose the fascination with growing-up. However, Zacki is special. He sees the complex workings of the grown-up world, and knows to be cautious, to question, and to probe these new interests.

One of the basic premises of our story is that as children we can all talk and communicate with animals. However, as childhood ends we cross over into the adult world is when we lose the ability to have conversations with our wild furry friends.

As Zacki explores the adult world through the labyrinth of M.A.P. (Martha's Amusement Park), he will try to give back to Norm City that magic which Martha has taken from the youth.

Zacki Almost Saves the Zoo's Characters

Zack i- a 12 year old boy who lives at the zoo and embraces his animal tendencies

Sarah - a 13 year old girl who wants to grow up fast.

Yvette - Zacki's Mom who is the Vet at the Zoo.

Steve-O - Zacki's Dad who is the Zookeeper at Norm City Zoo.

Martha - The owner of the Amusement Park next door who wants to expand her park by shutting down the zoo.

Vlad- Martha's clumsy evil assistant.

Bang - A Kangaroo that helps Zacki and the animals save the zoo.

RD - An Aardvark that helps Zacki along with Bang.

Einstein - Elephant and lest animal of the zoo that gives advice to Zacki.

Bearra - Bear who loves rainbows and Santa Claus

Cami/Camu - Sister Camels who are the drama queens of the zoo.

Judge - Makes a decision on the closure of the Zoo.

Banker - Works with Martha and Vlad to close the Zoo.

Mayor - Provides medals to people who build the community of Norm City.

Narrator - Tells the story of how Zacki almost saved the zoo.

Reporter - Tells the story of how Zacki almost saves the zoo with a questioning disposition.

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