Under the Earth

Creator: Michael Albright
Age rating: 13 and older
A lonely man accidentally discovers something strange while veering off the path at a local park. After a significant loss of time and a mind-bending, consciousness-altering experience in the woods, his loneliness slowly transforms into paranoia.
Synopsis: After being abandoned by his wife, Jeffrey discovers something strange in the woods. It is a sinkhole of sorts - a passage to another world - or so he thinks.

According to some conspiracy theorists, this inner world is real, and it exists right beneath our feet. Further, they claim that government agencies monitor all breaches - both accidental and intentional - between these worlds.

Alone in his garage with his video camera, Jeffrey begins to document his thoughts. Strange beings begin to communicate with him, and the longer he remains isolated, the more disturbing things get.

Is he in real danger? Or is it all in his head?

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