Ashes Upon The Snow - R3

Creator: Carroll Martin
Age rating: 13 and older
A small town sheriff has his work cut out for him when two farm boys and a dog make a gruesome discovery that shocks a quiet Texas community.
Synopsis: Based on a true story and set in rural Texas – December 1925, two boys, LEVI RIGGS and AARON MARTIN, out hunting with a dog in the woods of their small community wander upon an abandoned storm cellar. The dog alerts on the cellar, where they find a blood-spattered tow-sack holding the head of a teenage boy who no one can readily identify.

It is the first murder in recent history in the quiet community and the mild-mannered sheriff, DAVID “MED” KAISER, asks for assistance from the local district attorney and Texas Rangers. They follow leads that go nowhere; no one knows the murdered victim and the killer remains elusive. Eventually one man, although hesitant to get involved, knows the boy. It is the break the sheriff has been looking for, but this identification only brings more gruesome findings to the already terrified community. Ultimately, the sheriff unravels the shocking evidence and brings the cold-blooded slayer to justice.

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