Creator: PHIL IHED
Age rating: Everyone
A story of the sufferings of an African boy from "Congo" in Africa, who come to America to go to school, but ended up as a Dishwasher in America. He tried everything to better himself. Due to sufferings, he lost his mind and shot people to death in a nightclub.
Synopsis: CONGO BOY IN THE CITY brings to life the every day experience of Africans in the Western world. So many Africans of all ages leave their home land to either Europe or America, hoping to make it big as soon as they arrive. Opposite of their dreams becomes the case. As soon as they spend all the little "nickles and dimes" they came with, reality sets in. They start looking and thinking of what to do to have food on the table. Immigration issues, school fees, clothing, payment for place of residence, transportation problems, police profiling, psychological impacts of accents, make them prone to failure.

In joggling and struggling to make ends meet, they pick up odd jobs they will never do in their home lands. Very little will anyone know that they are developing mental problem until they do something erratic of commit a crime that the whole community will chuckle for.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - ACTION FILM
    Creative Notes:
    This movie was made here in the US by Phil Ihed and some well-known African movie stars who were invited to take part. Not yet released, the movie has already arrested the interest of everyone that has seen this brief preview. There are well over three hundred people in it.