Age rating: 17 and older
Hannah though she escaped from her past, but when her old Master finally tracks her down she must dig deep and find the courage to fight to regain her family.
Synopsis: 20 years ago, Hannah escaped from her slave master. After giving birth to her daughter, she found a man who wasn't blinded by her past and built an amazing life with him.

But her idyllic life comes crashing down when her old Master finally tracks her down. Kidnapping her children and leaving her and her husband for dead, he vanishes into the night.

But Hannah is tenacious, and vows to reclaim her lost children. Utilizing skills that have long laid dormant, she must dive deep into the underground world of drugs, money, sex and slavery that she once escaped from.

Her journey will take her from seedy local haunts to the halls of national power. But it will also try her spirit and resolve. Her fight to rescue her family will depend on how true she can stay to her chosen path. But nothing in the sex trade will stay pure for long, and Hannah is no exception.

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