Creator: Kid N Play
Age rating: Everyone
SkyKapz is about two lifelong friends, Patrick (“Sky”) (a/k/a Christopher 'Play' Martin) and Lee (“Kap”) (a/k/a Christopher 'Kid' Reid) ("Kid N Play") who 15 years ago took summer jobs as skycaps at a major airport “just until they make it big.”
Synopsis: SkyKapz: THE FILM

• SkyKapz is an inspiring and entertaining story of two lifelong friends as they work and play together at a major metropolitan airport while struggling to break through in the entertainment industry.
• Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin (a/k/a “Kid N Play”) will play the lead roles, while experienced Hollywood actors will be placed in key supporting roles and cameos from some of the leading figures in the comedy and hip-hop industries.

• The film’s primary audience will fall primarily between the ages of 14 and 54. Secondary audience categories will consist of those of all ages who are fans of Kid N Play’s previous work and those who simply appreciate wholesome and lighthearted entertainment.
• The company will use a combination of internet/viral marketing buzz, theatrical trailers, TV spots, radio spots, newspaper & magazine ads, review packages, internet promotions, and grass roots street teams to promote the film and its ancillary profit centers.


Kid ‘n Play arrived on the hip-hop music scene in the late-1980s, releasing three well-received albums, 2 Hype, Kid ‘N Play’s Funhouse, and Face the Nation, between 1988 and 1993. House Party, House Party 2, Class Act, and House Party 3 between 1990 and 1994 combined, the films grossed $76 million in domestic box office alone and led to soundtracks, comic books, cartoons and other spin-off and ancillary opportunities. The films were also some of the earliest appearances of future stars Bernie Mac, Martin Laurence, Tisha Campbell, and Chris Tucker.


SkyKapz The Movie is the story of two lifelong friends, Patrick (also known as “Sky”) and Lee (known as “Kap”). Fifteen years ago, the two would-be entertainment industry giants – Kap as a standup comic and Sky as a wheeler-dealer agent – took summer jobs as skycaps at a major metropolitan airport “just until they make it big.” As the movie begins, they still work at the airport, albeit in jobs of more authority.

Character profiles:
Patrick AKA Sky is a multi-talented individual who is loved by everyone. In grade school his talents to entertain from doing impressions to impromptu musical performances has always impressed everyone and made them feel good. Now married for 3 years to his attractive high school sweetheart Tammy that everyone calls "T" also have a little boy name Christopher they call C Note. Sky and Tammy live in a small 2-bed room apartment and struggle to make ends meet each month, but their love and commitment to each other always has its way in spite of it all.

Tammy has always had her doubts about Kap’s ability as a manager her husband Sky’s comedy career, but holds her tongue most of the time for the sake of the love Sky has for his childhood friend. Kap has always looked out for and protected Sky from day one.
Lee AKA Kap is a hustler through and through - known for his seeming ability to sell an ice cube to an Eskimo if he wants to. As a child Kap stayed in the Principle’s office in grade school because he was caught playing dice or flipping baseball cards instead of being in class. The fast talkin', (wanna-be) ladies man, always trying to get something for nothing Kap was his M.O. His God-fearing Grandfather always knew about his grandson’s gift and would always tell him to use that gift for good and if he didn’t nothing good will come out of it, but Kap would not listen.

Kap lives with his girlfriend Linda (that everyone calls "The Sheriff") of 4 years. Linda is also the daughter of Kap’s boss and Airport Chief Mr. Jason that Kap works for. Linda is a very attractive and vocal woman who also knows about the gift her man has that was brought to her attention by his Grandfather before he past and is trying to wait for his change and stop with all his nowhere going get rich quick schemes.

Primary Settings:

The locals call the city airport "The Big Nest" and it’s looked at as a mad house to Sky and Kap. There’s no telling what crazy antics that will happen from day to day in the place to be. With the craziness provided by the airport managers, pilots, flight attendants, ticket agents, cab / limousine drivers, car rental agents, fellow skycaps, hotel shuttle drivers, reps and most of them are grade school friends or their cousins.

All have their own bizarre dreams, agendas and hustles, but because of Kap’s relationship with the Airport Chief, Kap’s seniority, aggressive influence and legendary grade school respect Kap and Sky have the airport operation and control of it on lock!

Nothing happens without their knowledge and say so. Every airport service is assigned by Kap and Sky. Because both Sky and Kap have been the longest employed employees there, they know every corner and activity in the airport like the back of their hands. They know and have relationships with the who’s who. They know who is flying and coming in on what. They know who the big tippers are and who are not. They know what is in what bag and how to loose it. They make good side money from the percentages they get by rewarding whoever they want with the assignment to certain flights and pick-ups.

The city hot spot / club where everybody goes for a great time is called "The Little Nest" because it’s where the airport employees go to hang out. Each night has a different event happening from "The Old School Jam", "Ladies Nite" to "Comedy Nite". Comedy night is where Sky reigns supreme and he usually packs the house out.

3. The real story begins: One night, Kap comes home from work more tired and worn than normal, just when he’s ready to sit down to watch TV he’s unusually greeted by Linda. Lovingly she announces that she’s pregnant and for the first time Kap is speechless. A very heartwarming conversation follows and Kap’s is changed within. Linda also informs him that because of her new and recent visits to church she has to change her ways and wants them to live right. Kap knows she’s serious and agrees to go to church the follow Sunday with her and because of a soul stirring, life changing sermon decides to try and change too.

He decides to stop cursing, drinking, flirting with other women and cheating people. When he announces this to all of his friends and fellow workers, they cannot believe their ears. The entire airport starts placing bets on how long it will last.

Sky and Tammy are shocked, but Sky is at first proud of his pal and they are supportive. However as Kap is on his quest for righteousness money gets tight, without the extra money from their past side hustles things get strange and it takes a toll on their friendship.

Suddenly one day a well dressed, bling- blinged-up stranger is instructed that Sky and Kap is his men to see for a job that needs to be done within the airport. A simple bag he has just needs to get from terminal A to terminal D safely and the stranger will pay big money for it to get done. When asked what’s in the bag, the stranger insists that’s it best they don’t know. However the temptation is strong and the offer get Kap thinking the way he use to think and how the money is enough for a fresh new start. Sky and Kap accept and now the craziness really begins!

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