NOIR: The Good Girl, The Detective, and The Femme Fatale.

Creator: Reyshan Parker
Age rating: 17 and older
A Story of Greed, Deceit, Revenge, and of course, Love! Three perspectives... one Truth! Its twisted plot structure, brooding and sexy main characters,and inventive narrative style, make it a modern homage to the last one hundred years of the film noir genre.

Noir is the story of David Brissel, who, after inheriting a Detective agency from his recently murdered boss, Earl, meets Sandra Bloom, a Femme Fatale, who convinces him to blackmail her Congressman husband and kill his bookie. After getting away with both, he is hired by the bookies wife, Melanie, to track down her husband’s killer. But when David falls for Melanie, Sandra gets jealous and tells her husband that she had hired a detective to follow him. The Congressman out for revenge goes looking for David, but luckily Melanie is there to save him. Or is she? As the two women hold David at gunpoint, one last twist will settle everything in this modern film noir that will keep you guessing right up until the last shot is fired!


The story is non-linear and takes place from three different perspectives that intertwine the lives of three main characters in a web of greed, deceit and revenge, and of course love. First the “Good Girl”, Melanie Diangelo, a 27-year-old housewife who is married to a bookie named Frank Diangelo. Second, the “Detective”, David Brissel, a 30-year-old photographer recently turned private investigator. Thirdly, the “Femme-Fatal”, Sandra Bloom, a 31-year-old ex-model unhappily married to a congressmen, William Bloom.

Linearly, the story begins when David’s boss and father figure, Earl Jones, winds up murdered. Earl has left David everything including his detective agency. David, is just getting adjusted when Sandra Bloom enters his life and hires him to find out if her husband, a congressman, is cheating on her. David takes the job only to prove that the Congressman is indeed cheating on Sandra. Instead of confronting him, Sandra convinces David to blackmail her husband. With a bit of seduction on Sandra's part, and a large amount of gambling debt on David, he agrees. The blackmail goes off without a hitch, but in a moment of passion David reveals that he was planning on double-crossing Sandra to pay his gambling debts. Sandra convinces David to instead rob and kill the bookie.
David goes along with it, but afterwards tells Sandra that they should stay away from each other for a while.

The next day Melanie Diangelo enters David’s office, and wants to hire him to find out who killed her husband, Frank Diangelo, the "bookie". Deciding it is a good cover he takes the case and unwittingly falls for Melanie in the process. Jealous, Sandra tells her husband how she hired a detective to check on his infidelities. Enraged the Congressman confronts David and is about to strangle him to death, when Melanie burst in and shoots the Congressman, saving David’s life. Moments later Sandra enters carrying her own gun. It appears as if the two girls are in on it together. They hold David at gunpoint and demand to know where he has hidden the money. He reluctantly tells them. As Sandra is about t shoot David, Melanie shoots Sandra saving David’s life again.

What really happened? The Congressman had murdered David’s boss, Earl, after he tried to blackmail him with information about his illegitimate daughter, (Phillomena) who had come to town and hired Earl to find her father. Phillomena, has been working as a maid for the Blooms at David’s suggestion. Sandra and Melanie went to high school together, where Sandra had stolen her boyfriend and later broke his heart causing him to commit suicide. Melanie and David had been having an affair and were planning on killing Frank for a while. However, after Earls death the two devised a new plan along with Phillomena to kill three birds with one stone. By framing the congressman for Franks murder and making Sandra and the Congressman’s deaths look like a double murder they succeed in their endeavor. Phillomena would later inherit her father’s estate. David and Melanie go on to purchase a cupcake shop/art gallery and live happily ever after.

Or do they?

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