The Big Creep

Creator: Annette Sandoval
Age rating: 17 and older
THE BIG CREEP is the story of an office drone who suspects her boss of being a serial killer. If that's not scary enough he's got a crush on her. A comical down-the-rabbit-hole story with a biting edge, THE BIG CREEP tips its hat to San Francisco's rich film noir history.
Synopsis: To: All
From: Tomi

I think my boss is a serial killer.
If that's not scary enough, he's got a crush on me.

This sucks.

Meet Tomi Reyes. She is a 28-year-old receptionist living in San Francisco. When the bodies of her friends start turning up in their refrigerators, Tomi is convinced that her Dockers-wearing, 80's soft rock-loving boss is the killer. Crazy, huh?

Think Bridget Jones meets Dexter. This screenplay is the perfect sexy thriller that just so happens to span cultures and genres.

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