"Feisty Matilda Brown"

Creator: Gigi Motley
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
Seemingly innocent, seductively charming, feisty Matilda Brown flirts her way into life's enchanting predicaments. Provocative and bold, Matilda's southern yet naughty charm leaves you wanting more.

Matilda Brown is an animated series, geared for adults. She is provocative, flirtatious, and extremely charming. Her delicious southern accent is convincing, and somewhat hypnotic. Delightful and risqué Matilda teases her way into a naughty massage, pursues dangerous flirtations with coworkers, mischievously engages in the spiritual journey, just to name a few examples.

In this video sample, Matilda calls her local wellness spa, to place her order for a 'sensual' massage. Her play on anatomical terms is brilliant and hysterical. Her tone of seduction is titillating yet sweet, as she takes you on a playful journey. Matilda has herself laughing on the floor in hysteria, as she will have you equally enraptured.

Matilda Brown, naughty southern gal with a big heart.

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