Warren Webb

Creator: Marcus Noble
Age rating: Everyone
Warren Webb is a school kid and computer programming whiz. In a freak accident, Warren somehow uploads himself into the World Wide Web. Uploaded as an anti-virus, Warren battles many evil viruses, collecting discs which give him different strengths and powers.

Latest Work

  • Short Video 1 - Video Promo - Screenshots of rough drawings of characters in 'Warren Webb'
    Creative Notes:
    This video contains a few rough drawings designed of a few main characters in 'Warren Webb' by the brilliant Megan Mawji. They are only early developments as shading and more attention to detail will and needs to be added but this is just so you can get a feel of what it could look like. More drawings of the characters are in the process of being designed as well as other characters and viruses.
  • Mini-bible 1 - Warren Webb Mini Bible - Story Outline, Characters and Other Details
    Warren Webb, a school kid with a passion for computers, accidentally uploads himself into the World Wide Web via his new program. Uploaded as an anti virus, designed to fight and destroy the evil viruses tormenting the Web, he finds himself in a world of fun and danger.
  • Pilot Script 1 - An Error In The Programme
    Creative Notes:
    This is the THIRD draft of the script. Some have said that it is possibly too dialogue heavy for a children's show and I have corrected that in the FOURTH draft which I haven't uploaded. This draft is for people to get a feel of what the series is about. Also, in subsequent episodes, there will be less dialogue and much more action and battles Warren is involved in.
    Warren's new computer program web 5.2 he created glitches and uploads him into the World Wide Web. Warren is uploaded as a battle fit anti virus. He meets robot Zil, who explains to him where he is. Warren defeats the evil flybot viruses who've been tormenting the town.