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(Horror, Action and Adventure) A gladiator must save Rome from the outbreak of the world's first zombie plague.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Nancy Drew meets Madam Butterfly by way of Heroes.
(Action and Adventure) A shipwreck at Algiers Point in New Orleans dumps enough black market plutonium into the Mississippi River during a hurricane to kill every person on earth... and nobody knows but six people on a tugboat.
(Comedy) This is a battle of the sexes comedy that pits the owner of a feminist zine called Zap against the arch conservative owner of a zine called R.A.M. for the hearts and minds of their generation. When the owner of Zap infiltrates R.A.M. and does an expose, the fireworks start.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A young 14 year old girl, Ashley Grey, commits suicide. We follow Ashley deep into her subconscious mind; into a world created by her own desires, where she attempts to escape her fears but finds herself torn between two worlds.


(Drama) Singer Sofi enjoys some fame but wants desperately to become a much better singer. After she walks in on her husband in bed with another woman, she enters into a contract with an insane producer who demands that she become the greatest, or die.
(Drama) The story centers on two large families of seven children each headed by Italian emigrant brothers Tony and Carmen Carbone. It examines the sharply contrasting values of the two families and how the upbringing effects the successes, failures and attitudes of the children.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A young girl, Xochitl, seeks revenge when a cartel assassin eliminates her whole family and she vows to pay them back. XOCHITL...She'll take your breath away.
(Comedy) When William's picture appears in the paper, Lester becomes the only one of his group whose picture hasn't appeared. His mama has an empty scrapbook and Lester promises to fill it. No matter how hard he tries he's thwarted until he gets help from the Pope.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) A young woman takes her father’s ashes in search of Cochise’s gravesite, where she's captured by a renegade enemy spirit who hopes to use her to lure Cochise’s spirit into hell.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) My father, the mutineer, kept the four-masted hulk from sinking, but it was "Horatio Hornblower meets Captain Bligh" for 60 days between American Samoa & Hawaii. Based on a true story about a once famous tall ship fallen to ruin and a small boat sailor hitching a ride home.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A screenwriter desperately struggles to come up with the best logline ever for Amazon Studio’s new ‘Premise Wars’ section.
(Drama) Michael Braedon is kidnapped instead of Edgar Reinholdt, whose company developed a program enabling any one person to bring any country to its knees. When the U. S. refuses to negotiate his release, Michael’s fiancée, Laura proposes an offer the captors cannot refuse.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Hell is not hot. Hell is cold, and its name is Cerberus Island. Society has got tired of bleeding hearts, of pampering to criminals with comfortable prisons, rights, TV, and lawyers who make fortunes out of appeals. So, society demanded, and got, Cerberus Island.
(Drama) An old woman, a recently-divorced lady, and a girl who fears her mother's boyfriend are brought together through the rare compassion of a drifter who works with horses. It's the new west; a small town left behind by today's high-tech world.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Princess Uyi is gifted with powers that make it possible for her to be transformed into a leopard. But what she finds more useful is her ability to raise a terrifying army of leopards which help her rescue Prince Uno, the love of her life, from the tyranny of man and oracle.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) When a mysterious warrior arrives in a land torn by civil war the lives of a broken Kinsman soldier and an obsessive Loyalist general will be changed forever.
(Kids and Family) Candalaria is a wax universe, populated by candles who believe their wick is for making hairdos. Katya upsets their self-centered life by insisting the wick is meant for nobler things. The answer brings havoc and a total rethinking of their Purpose of Life.
(Thriller and Suspense) Set between Stonewall Riots and Woodstock Music Festival. Alex, a lesbian escort, utilizes her compelling sex appeal and street smarts to uncover the politically motivated attack of her best friend and both achieves justice and discovers love with a married woman.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) The dastardly offense, of King Saran, the dark king of Samaria, on a last conquest, to retrieve the Dagger of Light, putting Middle Earth at his finger tips ,taking on a twisted multiplying warlord, rising out of the East named Craven. Drama/Historical War.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) As six convicts tunnel their way out of a new prison, they encounter a buried and charred B-58 hustler bomber that still carries one atomic bomb in its belly. They use it to bargain their way to freedom until they discover the weapon is far more lethal than they thought.
(Action and Adventure) A deadly intro into the secret society, "Paracletus Romanus" - who are dedicated to retain church dogma at all costs. From the steps of the Vatican into the streets of Rome, the first victim is the Director of the church's Secret Archives, Bishop Abruzzi. Who is next?
(Drama) In 1928, a black teenage girl leaves the South to pass as white in Manhattan. Falling into a love triangle with a Columbia student and a devious heiress, she must accept her past to move beyond it.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) “TABOO” is ‘CSI’ meets ‘Girlfriends’ meets ‘The L Word’; a tale of murder, lies and passion inspired by true events set in a fictional coastal city.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A young man witnesses a horrible death by slow torture - the tormentor was no other than the young mans' own father. Taken in by the idea of killing for sport the youth must wrestle with whether or not to stand in his fathers' shadow.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) a lonely ship in space discovers an alien lifeform and it isnt pretty.